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When we receive your job brief, we search our databases to find all suitable 'matches'.


We will respond quickly with an idea of candidate availability so that you are kept fully up to date.

We contact each candidate with details of the job and ask if they wish their CVs to be submitted.

You are then free to speak to the candidates and arrange interviews. If you prefer we will do this for you.

It's wrong to generalise about people, young or old.

There are, however, some crucial advantages of hiring a mature person. With a mixture of experience and confidence in their abilities, mature staff are often up and running faster than less experienced colleagues. They generally have a traditional work ethic and a great propensity for loyalty towards an employer. This should not be underestimated.

Investing in the training can too often be frustrated by losing that individual to another organisation. Many employers actively seek individuals who, once in-post, are likely to stay there. Training for many of our candidates is often limited to that of "induction" - a considerable saving in cost.

Logically, candidates in their fifties, sixties or seventies who finds a responsible and satisfying job, are highly likely to remain loyal in that position.

We keep our costs to a minimum and pass the benefits on to you through an agreed low fee.

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Employment and recruitment agency for mature people, providing jobs and work for experienced persons