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We get our vacancies from employers that have found us on the web because they actually WANT experienced mature candidates.

By registering with us we will be able to find you if your skills show a reasonable match with their requirements.


Don’t stop your own jobsearch activities just because you’ve registered!


All we need at this stage is an email to with the following information;

Under SUBJECT just type the category(s) of the job(s) you are seeking e.g. Admin, Secretarial, Sales, Marketing, Driving etc. You can show all those that interest you.

In the TEXT area of the email the information we require;

Job titles held over last 2 to 3 years 

Minimum Salary level below which you wouldn’t be interested

Part/Full time or both

Town where you live; and if you live in Greater London, are you prepared to work in London?

Other practical job skills you want us to be aware of e.g. Audio typing, Use of specific IT programs, Field sales

Other specific business knowledge you may have which is not obvious from your job titles.

Do you have a Driving Licence?

Telephone contact number.  

Your Name

This information will give us enough understanding to ensure that when we get vacancies which may be appropriate, we will be able to find you in the database.

If you want to give us any other relevant information in the email please do so

As tempting as it might be, phoning to find out what's happening isn't necessary.

We'll be in touch if and when a suitable vacancy arises

If a vacancy comes in that seems to match your skills and experience, we'll be in touch by email or the contact numbers you've provided. If we're in any doubt about your likely suitability for a particular job, we'll make the contact anyway and let you decide.

We will then require a full CV but details will never be forwarded to an employer without your OK.


We may from time to time conduct interviews on behalf of our clients but, more often, your first interview will be directly with a prospective employer for a specific vacancy.

Candidates frequently ask to arrange a separate interview with us but this is unnecessary.

wrinklies DIRECT believes in the balance of youth and experience in the workplace.
Employment and recruitment agency for mature people, providing jobs and work for experienced persons