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CANDIDATE SUPPORT: Hints & Tips Applying for the job - The CV

Amended: November 2015
Layout as important as content.


It must be simply formatted, with easy to read font, bold headings and MAXIMUM 3/4 pages


If it is unclear, too long, confusing - IT WILL BE BINNED!

Page 1:


Name and contact details (just 2/3 lines)

Your Profile describes your skills and attributes


that relate to the position applied for

 highlights your relevant achievements

quantifying in 'value' terms where possible/appropriate
Remember, this is your 'sales literature'



A profile can be as short as half a page, in which case follow this with your current, or last, job

Pages 2 and maybe 3:


Your roles in reverse date order

 No unexplained gaps.  Show company name, nature of the business, job title.

 Focus on main responsibilities and achievements e.g. increased turnover by x%.

 Use 'power' words; e.g. saved, developed, created, implemented, designed.


The potential employer will be putting a 'value' on your potential contribution.


Be bold in your statements, they need to know what they are buying.

 Detail all jobs in the previous 5 years or so. Jobs earlier than 5 years can be summarized into 2 lines each 

Page 3 – last… or maybe 4:


Professional and academic qualifications

relevant competencies, training achievements and courses.

Marital status and hobbies are not generally of concern unless they help to add value to your ’character’

Date of birth? No, it will be required eventually; it doesn't take 'rocket science' to work it out.

Photo? No. People have many inbuilt prejudices and dislikes so don't risk rejection early on.

Fancy font/graphics? NO, unless such skills are part of the job being applied for 

You are trying to project yourself as a professional.


Use quality paper and envelope, and post 1st Class.

Too much employment info?  Use an appendix sheet and cross-reference to CV

Contact:  Mike Saunders at


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